Vintner Joe Wright makes alluring wine for spirited adventurers.

Terrior, you’ll taste it in our wine.

About J. Wright, Vintner

J. Wright, Vintner is the private label small batch wine of veteran winemaker Joe Wright.

Carefully sourcing the very best grapes in the Willamette Valley, Joe leans on his decades of winemaking expertise to craft wines that pair perfectly with towering trees, the remote trail and a weekend spent outdoors with friends.

Joe is an avid mountain biker with trails directly out his backdoor. Trained as a hydro engineer, Joe always knew he’d wind up working outdoors in some capacity. Fortunately for wine lovers, Joe found grapes.

Joe has been deeply immersed in the Oregon wine industry since the 1990’s and we released our first bottle of J. Wright, Vintner wine in 2015.

A Land-Focused Small Batch Wine

Joe enjoys sourcing grapes from small, unique lots that otherwise may not have the volume to make it into production. Joe spends his time in the vineyard, carefully studying how the grapes are growing and what sort of vintage they might produce.

We like to say we grow our wine. Joe monitors the grapes to pick at just the right time – that means less fiddling in the winemaking process. As a result, our wines truly reflect the land where they are grown, and the season that produced them.

Our Strong Wine Community

J. Wright, Vintner works closely with other winemakers and vineyards.

We talk wine, soil, grapes and adventures while relaxing at backyard BBQs and summer celebrations, sharing glasses of wine and beautiful regional food. Oregon’s tightly knit wine community makes our wines the beautiful creations that they are.

Our Commitment to the Land and the People who Live Here

J. Wright, Vintner is LIVE certified and Salmon Safe.

That means we’re deeply committed to environmental and social responsibility, and we adhere to strict practices of preserving the land. This reflects our values, love for nature and appreciation for all of the hardworking viticultural workers who make each vintage possible.

We are also supportive of a rich and diverse community of people, and we encourage everyone to feel welcome enjoying wine in the great outdoors.

Hit the Trail!

J. Wright, Vintner wine is for everyone!

Whether you’ve just wrapped up a long day of work or going camping for the weekend, J Wright Vintner is the perfect pairing. We enjoy bringing our terrior-driven wines into the great outdoors and pairing them with Mother Nature. We intentionally seek out unique engagement opportunities at vibrant events that allow us to interact directly with active wine lovers, such as Mt. Bike Oregon, Pedalpalooza and a variety of mountain bike and running events.

We are a proud sponsor of Run for the Oaks, an Oak Savanna Restoration Project at Left Coast Estate and a chance to run through the vineyard.

Pack your gear, grab your buddies and hit the trail. But don’t forget a bottle or three of wine – the perfect compliment to any awesome adventure. A spirit of adventure, drawn from our love of the land, is infused in everything we do.